Youth Intervention

Beyond the pitch, London Tigers’ football is about community engagement. Our youth projects actively involve young individuals in meaningful activities, redirecting their focus towards brighter prospects.

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Discover insights, tips, and support available from our mental health and well-being programmes.

Explore the opportunities for guidance and support through our mentoring opportunities. 

We empower the leaders of tomorrow with our dynamic youth leadership programmes. 

Discover the power of change through our intervention programmes. 

Case Study: Transforming Lives through Football


Meet Ali, a young lad whose life took a remarkable turn thanks to London Tigers. Ali started as a promising football player with us and soon got involved in our youth project. This pivotal choice kept him away from the dangers of joining a postcode gang and the perils of substance abuse. Instead, he focused on his passion for football. With dedication and guidance, he not only excelled as a player but also became a successful football coach, living the life of his dreams. Ali’s journey showcases the transformative power of London Tigers, helping young talents like him carve out brighter futures and avoid the pitfalls of a challenging environment.