Multi sports with london tigers

Welcome to the world of sporting diversity at London Tigers! Our Multi Sports programme is where children of all abilities, from beginners to budding athletes, come together for an exciting sports adventure.

A Blend of Sports

Our Multi Sports programme encompasses a wide range of sports and activities, making it ideal for young sports enthusiasts who wish to explore beyond football and cricket. From badminton, dodgeball, rugby, and athletics to invigorating exercises, we’ve got it all.


Professional Coaching & Inclusivity

At London Tigers, we believe in personalised attention. Our dedicated coaches and play leaders ensure that each child receives the guidance and support they require. It’s our mission to create an inclusive environment where everyone can participate, including children who may need additional support.


Safe and Secure

Your child’s safety is our top priority. Our multi-sports camps, set in the vibrant city of London, provide a safe and supervised space for children during school holidays. We meticulously select our ‘grown-ups’ who lead the camps, ensuring they are caring and well-screened individuals.


Top-notch Facilities 

We offer nothing but the best for our young athletes. Our camps are conducted in state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor sports facilities, equipped with the finest sports gear. This guarantees age-appropriate versions of popular sports and games that kids adore.


A Break from Screens

Say goodbye to gadgets and hello to physical activity. Our Multi Sports camps are designed to keep children engaged, active, and happily tired, which is a bonus for parents during school holidays.


Multi Sports Camps All Year Round

The fun continues even after the school’s out. London Tigers organizes a variety of Multi Sports Camps throughout the year. So, whether it’s the summer, winter, or any other school break, your child can experience the joy of multi-sporting adventures.


Ready to join in the sporting action? Don’t wait; our sports camps are highly sought after, especially during school holidays. Secure your child’s spot and let the games begin!

At London Tigers, we’re committed to making a real impact on the lives of young people. Our School Programmes focus on empowering those who are disengaged, vulnerable, or facing disadvantage. We believe in the potential for change within these communities and work diligently to bring about transformation.