History & track record
Nearly four Decades of Transformative Impact

Against the backdrop of racism and poverty in the 1980s Church St, a dedicated group of volunteers, led by the vision of an 18-year-old Mesba Ahmed, embarked on a journey that would change countless lives. They set out to create a football team, not just for themselves, but for the local Bangladeshi community, a community that had been underserved and marginalised for far too long.

Almost forty years on, that humble initiative has blossomed into the award-winning charitable organisation today that we proudly call London Tigers.

Our journey is measured not just in years but in lives touched and transformed. We estimate that over 20,000 individuals have been impacted by our work, including participants, volunteers, and employees. Each person represents a story of hope, determination, and progress.

Expanding Horizons and Changing Lives

Over the years, our work has transcended the boundaries of sports. We’ve extended our hand to support disadvantaged communities in various crucial areas.

Providing access to health resources and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Nurturing skills and offering pathways to meaningful employment.

Fostering unity and creating safer neighbourhoods.

Guiding and mentoring young minds towards positive futures.

Extending our impact globally.

Valdas Dambrauskas is just one example of the countless lives that have been positively impacted by London Tigers. Starting as a volunteer for our under-18s football team, Valdas learned the ropes, honed his skills, and eventually became the coach for our semi-professional team. His journey with us eventually led him to his dream job as the Head Coach for FK Zalgiris, a 6-time Lithuanian Championship-winning team.

A Success Story

Valdas Dambrauskas

London Tigers are best for providing opportunities,” said Valdas. “Anyone with aspirations can find opportunities in London Tigers – it’s not all about sports, there are so many other areas you can benefit from”.

A Timeline of Growth and Achievements