About us
Empowering Communities through Sports and Opportunities

Welcome to London Tigers, an acclaimed charitable organisation dedicated to fostering positive change within communities across London and beyond. Our commitment to equipping individuals with skills, opportunities, and motivation has earned us recognition as an award-winning force for transformation.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values:

Our Vision

A world where every individual has the opportunity to fulfil their dreams.

Our Mission

To create equal opportunities, allowing everyone to realise their aspirations through the transformative power of sports.

Our Objectives

To enrich the lives of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, and Refugee (BAMER) communities who face social or economic disadvantages. To harness the potential of sports to uplift and empower people.
Join us at London Tigers as we continue to pave the way for a future defined by equality, empowerment, and positive transformation. Together, we are igniting change and creating opportunities that uplift communities and individuals alike.