Saturday Development Programme
Unleash Your Potential

Our Saturday sessions are more than just training; they’re a journey of growth. Under the guidance of dedicated coaches, young players refine their football skills and get a taste of the professional football world.

Our three key objectives

The First Step Towards Excellence

This programme serves as the initial gateway for children and talented young people to join our esteemed football club. It’s the link to our junior football club, where we run a comprehensive development programme aimed at nurturing their skills for club-level football.

Mastering the Essentials

At this vital juncture, we focus on imparting essential skills such as agility, precision turns, ball manipulation, and more. These building blocks not only boost children’s confidence but also help them discover their passion for football.

A Launchpad for Success

Many of today’s young stars took their first steps in our Saturday Development Programme. Today, they proudly represent major clubs like Reading FC, Southampton FC, Arsenal FC, Manchester United, and more. If you are aged 8-21 years and ready to embark on your journey to football greatness, join us on Saturdays and take the first step toward becoming a football sensation! If you are a Parent/guardian and this sounds like something your child would enjoy, sign them up for the Saturday Development Programme and watch them soar to success on the football field.

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Success story


Samir’s journey through his dream: Meet Samir, our football prodigy. He embarked on his journey with London Tigers at just 5 years old, shining in our U6 team, in the Saturday Development Programme. With unwavering dedication and relentless effort, Samir’s talent blossomed. His exceptional skills earned him the chance to train with Arsenal FC’s U9s team, where his brilliance didn’t go unnoticed. At the age of 9, he officially joined Arsenal FC, a rising star with the potential to become the country’s future football sensation. Our coaches believe Samir is possibly a future superstar in the making. Watch out for this future football legend.