London Tigers Youth Projects
Cricket: Building The Future

At London Tigers, we’re committed to engaging with young talents within our local communities. Through strategic partnerships, such as our collaboration with the prestigious Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), we’ve created after-school delivery programs that nurture cricketing aspirations right at the grassroots.

Youth Engagement

London Tigers is dedicated to youth engagement like no other. We understand the challenges faced by young individuals, especially those in housing estates. That’s why we offer doorstep delivery of cricket programs to these communities, effectively diverting youth from local gangs, antisocial behaviours, and substance abuse. By immersing themselves in cricket, these youngsters find a positive outlet for their energy, empowering themselves through sport. Many have successfully veered away from destructive paths and built brighter futures.

Furthermore, we provide valuable youth employment opportunities, allowing individuals to turn their passion for sports into a full-time job. This not only supports their career aspirations but also helps in curbing antisocial behaviour, fostering a safer and more promising environment for our communities. At London Tigers, we believe in the potential of our youth, and we’re here to help them flourish.

Professional Experience

We believe in making dreams tangible. That’s why we arrange exclusive viewing experiences at Lord’s Cricket Club with Marylebone Cricket Club. These outings provide our young aspirants with unparalleled insights and the ultimate cricketing experience.

Not only does it help the players envision their future one day, but it also, helps them to gain meaningful gaming insight from the professionals themselves.

All Stars & Dynamos Programme

For the budding cricketers aged 5-11, we offer the All Stars and Dynamos programs.

All Stars Cricket (Ages 5-8)

This program guarantees 8 weeks of thrilling fun, skill development, and camaraderie. It’s the perfect way to introduce children to the sport, teaching them new skills while fostering new friendships.

Dynamos Cricket (Ages 8-11)

Designed as the next step for All Stars graduates and an ideal starting point for newcomers aged 8-11. Dynamos emphasizes fundamental movement skills and lets kids apply them in an exciting countdown cricket game. Each registered child receives a personalized Dynamos Cricket New Balance t-shirt to make them feel like true cricket heroes.

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