London Tigers FC

Welcome to London Tigers FC, the beating heart of our football legacy. Home to thriving youth and adult teams, we’ve earned our stripes through dedication and hard work. Our commitment to excellence has garnered numerous awards and accolades.

At London Tigers, we understand the importance of grassroots football. It’s where champions are born. Our weekly sessions and local leagues are the cornerstones of our football programmes. Here, we nurture raw talent, cultivate teamwork, and instil life skills through the beautiful game.

For many of our young people, London Tigers FC is the ultimate aspiration. We offer pathways to sporting success through football. We provide talented young people with the opportunity to play in local, regional, national, and even international leagues and tournaments.

We proudly represent our communities in local and regional leagues like the Middlesex County Football League, Easter Junior Alliance League, Harrow Youth League, and Middlesex Youth League.

Check out our Middlesex County Football League – Saturday First team – Premier Division standings here:

We’re not just local heroes; we’re global contenders. London Tigers FC competes in prestigious international events like the Gothia Cup, the world’s largest youth football league. Additionally, we organise international tournaments in countries like Bangladesh, India, Malta, Mexico, and more.

Our football club isn’t just about playing; it’s about progressing. We’ve paved the way to semi-professional and professional football for many talented young people. Numerous individuals have successfully entered youth academies, taking their first steps towards football stardom.

Join us at London Tigers FC, where football dreams take flight.

Success story


Henry’s football story began in a local park, catching the eye of one of our coaches. Despite being a year younger, he was invited to join us on Sundays, slotting into our U12 team. With our dedicated training and support, he soon became a standout player in the Harrow Youth Premier League. During a friendly match against Southampton FC, his talent shone through, earning him an invitation for advanced training with the club three days a week.

Balancing training between us and Southampton FC, Henry’s dedication paid off as he secured a two-year contract with Southampton FC. His journey from the local park to professional football is a testament to his talent and our commitment to nurturing young players.

Success story


Meet Brian, a football prodigy who embarked on his journey with London Tigers at the tender age of 10. Through unwavering determination, rigorous training from our exceptional coaches, and the opportunities gained through our professional pathways, Brian has now secured a coveted contract with Reading FC. His inspiring story showcases the transformative power of dedication and quality coaching in the world of football.