London Tigers Eid Potluck Party For The Local Muslim Community

On 22nd May 2022, London Tigers organised an Eid Potluck Party for the community.

London Tigers brought over 200 women and children together through sports and physical activities. This event allowed people to feel empowered and feel belonged to a community that is there for each other.


The event had lots of fun games, fitness activities, food and traditional dance performances.

This was a very successful event as it brought women ana children from BAME communities together to celebrate a cultural event.


“I enjoyed the dance and face painting very much. I also got henna painting done. Thanks a lot to London Tigers for this event!” – One of our young members



The event was adorned with face painting, henna painting, traditional cuisine, and lots of fun activities.

“The event was absolutely amazing and made us feel like home. Thanks a lot to London Tigers for organising such an amazing event for our community. We finally got the chance to celebrate our festivals like a family again, after the pandemic.” – One of our participants.


This was the first event after lockdown. People got a chance of meeting old and new friends, socialise, and celebrate together, tackling isolation and depression. Socialising was essential for mental health and well being, especially after the pandemic.


“The event was a huge success and everyone loved it including both women ana children. Everyone had fun ana celebrated Eid like a big family! This event allowed everyone to feel good about themselves, and being a part of the huge London Tigers community.” – Ms Rita Begum.

This event was also covered in lots of ethnic media, below is a clipping from one of those news channels.