Holiday Camps
Unleash Fun and Fitness this Holiday!

Make school holidays unforgettable with our football-themed workshops. At London Tigers, we turn breaks into thrilling experiences. Kids aged 6-16 can join our summer multisport holiday camps. It’s not just sports; it’s about instilling values and fostering a sense of community.

Year-Round Excitement

We don’t stop at summer. Enjoy Christmas and spring camps, where building relationships takes the spotlight. These camps keep kids active, strengthen bonds, and promote communication.

More Than Just Fun

Our holiday camps are a lifeline for young people stuck at home. We aim to get them moving, boost fitness, and enhance overall well-being. Say goodbye to isolation and hello to a safe and engaging environment.

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I can’t thank London Tigers enough for the incredible summer holiday programme. My children not only had a blast but also stayed active, made wonderful friends, and felt like they belonged to a fantastic community. They learned so much about our culture while enjoying every moment. I’ve never seen them so excited to attend something every day! – Rinkle Kothari, Mother of 2



Wow, London Tigers’ holiday camp was super duper fun! I got to play football, cricket, and even dodgeball. And guess what? I made lots of new friends! Every day was fun and I couldn’t wait to go back. It was the best summer ever! – Rayaan, Happy Camper