Family Engagement
Family Bonds, Football Skills:

As an integral part of our holistic dedication to health and wellbeing, our family engagement initiatives foster togetherness among families through a range of community activities within our estate-based venues.

Community activities include

Dads and Lads Football

Encouraging quality father-son bonding time.

Mothers and Kids Multi-Sports and Recreation Programmes

A range of physical activities geared towards mums and children to take part in together – enjoying the experience of fun and fitness whilst creating memorable bonds.

Family Fun Days

Regular and special celebratory events held throughout the year at various community venues.

Our Family Engagement Programme is thoughtfully crafted to fortify family bonds by encouraging active involvement in physical activities and social interactions, ultimately enhancing mental wellbeing. This presents a remarkable opportunity for families to come together, strengthen their relationships, and improve communication while prioritising their overall welfare.

In the realm of family engagement, we understand that being a positive influence on the development of children and young adults is pivotal. Through the dynamic of teamwork in sports, we aim to instil crucial values such as self-discipline, mutual respect, and a deep sense of pride in being part of the family unit.

Family engagement is a collective effort. We’re here to provide unwavering support for our service users, guiding them through the labyrinth of life to achieve their goals. Social and personal challenges may seem daunting, but our tailored workshops and team-building activities serve as a guiding light towards the path to success.

Mentoring children and young adults is not merely about personal growth; it’s about nurturing potential. It’s a shared journey, where parental support for our organisation and vice versa creates a profound bond. Together, we cultivate futures filled with promise and possibility.

Join the Journey

If you’re a parent or guardian and this sounds like an experience you and your child would cherish, then why not sign up to our Football Family Engagement Programme?

Let’s create lasting memories together.


“Being a part of London Tigers’ Dads and Lads football programme has been an incredible experience. Not only have I strengthened my bond with my son, Aman, through the game, but we’ve also created memories that we’ll cherish for a lifetime. This programme isn’t just about football; it’s about spending quality time with your child, staying active, and building a healthier relationship. Thanks to London Tigers, I’ve not only become a better footballer but a better dad too. Highly recommended!” Yash, Aman’s father.