Empowering Change through International Development

At London Tigers, we envision a brighter future where our local community, especially our youth, serves as inspiring role models. We believe in the power of proactive compassion, not only within our own borders but also across the globe. Living in a privileged first-world setting, we understand the importance of giving back to those in less fortunate circumstances. Through the unifying force of sports, we strive to enhance education, health, and employment opportunities for marginalized and vulnerable individuals, both at home and abroad.

Supporting Education Abroad: The Girls School Project

Our international journey commenced a decade ago when our dedicated youth club members embarked on a mission to rebuild a girls’ school in a remote village in Sylhet, Bangladesh. This school stands as the sole beacon of education within a 5-mile radius. Our ongoing commitment has propelled the school to new heights. In a region grappling with high rates of child marriages and pregnancies, our projects have been instrumental in supporting adolescent girls in secondary schools. 

Through sports and life skills coaching, along with peer mentoring, we’ve empowered these young girls to complete their education successfully. Furthermore, we’ve collaborated with local sports associations to expand opportunities for women and girls in sports and offer training for aspiring sports enthusiasts.

Fostering Sporting Dreams: Football and Cricket Academies

London Tigers has gone beyond borders to establish national cricket and football academies, offering thousands of underprivileged children access to professional coaching and the chance to join semi-professional squads. Additionally, we’ve set up two Cricket Centres abroad, where aspiring talents from disadvantaged backgrounds can pursue their dreams of representing their country on an international stage. These centres not only provide free training but also conduct professional workshops for coaches, ensuring a sustainable sporting ecosystem.

Empowering Bangladeshi Communities

In Bangladesh, we’ve launched an Under-16 Football Academy after a talent hunt that attracted over 4,000 children from local villages. This academy has been a beacon of hope for impoverished youth, offering them a platform to showcase their football talent. Selected team members are even linked with professional Bangladeshi football clubs, opening doors to professional leagues and a chance to turn their dreams into reality.

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Join London Tigers in our mission to empower change, not only within our community but across borders, using sports as a powerful catalyst for a better world.