Building Community Resilience with London Tigers

At London Tigers, we are not just a sports organisation; we are a catalyst for community resilience. We understand that resilience is not an add-on but a way of life, and we integrate it into every aspect of our work.

Empowering Women for a Stronger Tomorrow

Our commitment to community resilience starts with empowering women. Through sports, education, and mentorship, we provide a platform for women to find their voice, build confidence, and create a supportive community.

Steering Youth Away from Violence

At the heart of our mission are the youth. We actively engage with young individuals facing challenges like gang and knife crime. Our multi-faceted programmes provide not only an escape but a path towards a brighter future.

Community Development: A Collaborative Approach

We believe in community development. By providing knowledge, skills, and resources, we engage communities in effecting positive change. Our approach involves raising awareness of assets, options appraisal, and active support to getting started in building a better community.